Acrylic Photo Frames

Plastic Wall Picture Frames

What are the advantages of acrylic photo frames?

First, good oxidation resistance

Due to the excellent properties of acrylic materials and strong anti-oxidation ability, no matter whether it is wind or rain or sun and rain, it will not destroy its excellent performance, because acrylic photo frames can be placed in each space, so that it will not cause great injury, and in the process of production and processing, you can add different colors according to your personal preferences. Acrylic has a variety of colors to choose from. It is not limited by other materials. Acrylic photo frames have more styles and can be used by customers. More choices!

Second, durable, not fragile

Compared with ordinary glass photo frames, acrylic photo frames can be used in a variety of styles. Since acrylic is not easily broken and does not consume excess material, the yield of the photo frame will not be reduced. The finished acrylic photo frame is not as fragile as glass and easy to store. And durable, the price is relatively high!

Third, good transparency, strong resistance

Compared with wooden photo frames, acrylic photo frames have better light transmission and can display crystal clear crystal effect. They can be dust-proof and easy to clean during use. Since the acrylic photo frame is not easy to break, it is also better in terms of resistance and does not produce a wide range of fragments.