Classification of safety glasses

Many different kinds of protective glasses, a dust-proof glasses, against attack the eyeglasses, chemical-resistant glasses and optical radiation-proof glasses and so on. First three glasses lenses are clear glass, but in fact because of the protective effects of different lens characteristics are obvious differences.

Workers engaged in industrial production, operation needs to wear glasses, wear such glasses are not for decoration, fashion, but to protect the eyes from harmful factors of injury. Therefore, this type of glasses safety glasses.

ARC radiation

Electric welding, gas welding, steel-making, blown glass anti-arc radiation exposed workers should wear glasses. However, the arc radiation-proof glasses lens colors are very shallow, which is designed according to the different requirements, selection should be based on strength and proper choice of operation arc light. Strong arc, deep color and vice versa, light lenses. If arcing strong wear light protective glasses, some infrared, through the lens irritation and damage the eyes, long run will suffer from occupational cataract if arc weak and wearing dark-colored safety glasses for a long time, the vision will fall significantly.

Dust-proof glasses

Dust environments with more glasses in the dust, lenses generally require very high fastness, regardless of eye or flat mirror, using ordinary flat glass lens.