Cool! Face value plastic glasses from the table burst this material

Coase developed a super impact resistant polycarbonate material for protection of workers ' eyes. Made of Makrolon ® 3207 lens material not only lightweight and transparent like glass, to meet United States personal protective equipment suppliers MCRS afety company requirements. The company using this material in the production of Gu Shi (Crews ®) safety glasses, US Safety ® Series safety glasses and protective masks have passed the United States National Standards Institute Z871.1 standards of certification.

Industrial bullet-proof lenses

Koth is a lens made of plastic products industrial bullet-proof functions, and through the bullet-proof test (with 45 grams of solid steel bullets in shooting at the lens at 150-400 feet per second). Such tests under extreme conditions are necessary, helps to protect the operator's eyes from the daily-work situations (fall or fly out, sparks, metal chips, sawdust, nails or exposed to harmful substances) hazards.

MCR Safety company in the region in the development of new US Defense ® series safety glasses to meet more stringent product safety law requirements in the area. "More than 40 years to, MCR Safety has been led with personal protection supplies industry of development, this we hope build out a paragraph world top of products, and sought can help we achieved this a wishes of cooperation partners," MCR Safety products Manager David Smith said, "these protection glasses strong durable, not only optical performance better, and resistance impact sex strong, and anti-UV performance also very excellent. ”