Doing the right thing is part of the business model

In fact, glasses are just Proof of making eco-friendly Eyewear company part of the business philosophy. Company issued a product recall policy, last year, the company donated to the non-profit organization 12% of sales. Tanner said that they wanted to do, not just the glasses so simple. In his view, the brand needs to go beyond the value of the product itself, it makes sense. So they studied every year to developing countries, such as India, the Philippines, Nepal, and so on. There, the company helped improve local ophthalmologic medical conditions, providing reliable optometric services for patients.

Tanner stressed that they want the company to all employees can participate, they will all local expenses for the employee, employees only need to round-trip ticket money on the line. In India, they work with Aravind Eye Care, this is a volunteer organization dedicated to ophthalmic medical conditions to improve developing countries, located in India South of Madurai. Tanner said that companies choose to work with Aravind, looking at their business model, Aravind has way to secure a stable source of income from the public service. Aravind is tiered pricing approach: consumers could pay 50 rupees to get three chances of eye examination, even if they can't afford to pay the money, you can still enjoy free treatment. Tanner believes that this model can bring a certain level of income, so Aravind not by constantly fundraising to maintain normal operations.