Metal frames should also avoid contact with chemicals to prevent the coating off color

1, clean the lens using specialized wiping cloth.

2, when the lens wet or soaked with sweat, immediately wipe the mirror clean bushun one direction;

3, do not place the glasses in a moist environment and direct sunlight to avoid damaging the lens;

4, hand pick the mirror, gently, when placing the lens upward, best in a mirror box when not saved;

5, tightness discomfort or frame screws loose, should be adjusted.

6, coated lenses with high definition, cannot be exposed to organic solvents, oils, sweat, heat and chemicals, as well as hard, or easily damaged lens coating, affecting the clarity and beauty.

7, finished with the glasses Please rinse with clean water every day, with a special dry clean cloth to wipe the water droplets, to extend optical life.