Protective eyewear features

1. Group chip-proof and chemical splash and damage the facial mask, made with lightweight transparent plastic, plastics such as polycarbonate, cover the sides and bottom to the ears and lower amounts towards the neck at the lower end, the mask can be fully covered faces to enhance the protective effect.

2. heat outside the reference to aluminum foil mask in masks in addition to clothing, you can also use single-layer or double-layer metal-mesh, but double as well, could help some radiation shielding and heat in the air. Such as chrome or nickel, you can strengthen the role of reflecting heat and prevents rust.

3. metal mesh masks are also microwave-proof.

4. welder with mask, made with a certain thickness of cardboard fiber, lightweight, heat-resistant and has good electrical insulation and face masks.

Radiation protective glasses, for defense with strong UV radiation harmful to eyes. Mirrors can reflect or absorb radiation, but through a visible light of special glass. Lens is plated with polished chrome, nickel, mercury, or banks of metal film, reflecting radiation; blue lens absorbs infra-red, yellow-green lenses absorb ultraviolet and infrared light, colourless lead the lenses absorb x-rays and gamma rays. Like common of welding glasses, on lenses of light rate requirements relative is low, so lenses color more to ink color mainly; laser protection glasses, as its name suggests, is can prevent laser on glasses of radiation, so on lenses requirements is high, like on light of select, and attenuation rate, and light reaction time, and light density, and light effect,, different Nano (nm) of laser on need with different band of lenses.