Safety glasses

Safety glasses are a special glasses, use different occasions demand different glasses. Hospital surgical glasses, when welding, use welding glasses, laser engraving laser protective glasses, and so on. Protective glasses in industrial production also known as protective glasses, divided into safety glasses and protective mask two categories, main function is to protect the eyes and face from the ultraviolet, infrared and microwave electromagnetic radiation, dust, soot, metals and stone debris and chemical splash damage.

Glass types

1. non-solid ground is a protective glasses, mainly used in defense of metal or stone chips and other mechanical damage to the eyes. Spectacles and spectacle frames should be sturdy, resistant against. Frame with cover, on which there should be ventilation holes. Protective lenses can be made of tempered glass, resin bonded glass or copper mesh goggles.

2. non-chemical solution of safety glasses, mainly used in defense stimulus solution for corrosion or chemical damage to the eyes. Can use an ordinary flat lenses, frames should be covered in case of solution splashing into. Commonly used in laboratories, hospitals and other places, general medical glasses can be universal.

3. radiation protection safety glasses, for defense with strong UV radiation harmful to eyes. Mirrors can reflect or absorb radiation, but through a visible light of special glass. Lens is plated with polished chrome, nickel, mercury, or banks of metal film, reflecting radiation; blue lens absorbs infra-red, yellow-green lenses absorb ultraviolet and infrared light, colourless lead the lenses absorb x-rays and gamma rays. Like common of welding glasses, on lenses of light rate requirements relative is low, so lenses color more to ink color mainly; laser protection glasses, as its name suggests, is can prevent laser on glasses of radiation, so on lenses requirements is high, like on light of select, and attenuation rate, and light reaction time, and light density, and light effect,, different Nano (nm) of laser on need with different band of lenses.