Safety glasses note

1 choose the goggles to choose product Inspection Agency inspection of products;

2, goggles, width and size to fit the user's face;

3 rough, wear lenses, frame damage, will affect the operator's Visual acuity should be replaced in a timely manner;

4, goggles to someone used to prevent infectious eye disease;

5, welding goggles, filters and protection according to the provisions of the job requires the selection and replacement;

6, preventing heavy weight fell against hard objects grinding lenses and masks.

Maintenance method

Placement method

If the temporary placement of glasses, glasses of the convex side up, put glasses if the convex surface facing down, and will wear away glass.

Clean the lens

Using specialized wiping cloth clean, be careful to wipe the frame boundary wire on one side of the mirror in his hand, gently wipe the lens. Avoid overexertion injury resulting in frames or lenses.

Lenses when stained with dust and dirt

Dry-erase easily spent grinding lenses, recommended rinse and then dry with a paper towel after water with special glasses cloth to dry. Recommended when lens is dirty with low concentrations of neutral detergent to clean, then rinse with water to dry.

Use the glasses case

When you are not wearing glasses, into glasses box glasses cloth, please. Save please avoid insect repellent, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair sprays, medicines and other corrosive contact, otherwise it will cause deterioration of the lenses, frames, deterioration or discoloration.