Students which material should you wear glasses?

Students in the college entrance examination in Anhui Province detector false alarms caused by glasses, invigilators away by several plans identified, the glasses are not cheating tool. Now a lot of parents want to know, what material glasses cause detector alarm.

It was reported that the applicants of these glasses is made of plastic material, no decorations, look very ordinary. "The price of common plastic frame glasses are relatively inexpensive, many students have to wear. "The sales staff in a store near Dong Jie Kou said, annual season of summer is the eyewear industry sales, especially near the beginning, almost every student to go with mirrors. Fuzhou more than store clerks said recent sales normal plastic glasses.

"Spectacle frame materials include metals, plastics and natural materials, mixed materials, plastic materials also has a lot of categories, specific detector false alarms caused by which material is currently unknown. "Deal in glasses Fu said metal and plastic glasses are now more common, a pair of glasses are generally not only one material, except for frames, lenses, glasses screws and connections of metal fittings are likely to attract the attention of detectors. Mr Fu said: "now the University entrance exam ' glasses ' event can be detectors problem, for security reasons, it is recommended that student with glasses better to choose material a simple product, don't buy a Bluetooth headset, receiver function, appearance, such as the complexity of reading glasses. ”