The startup how to sell eyeglasses to more than 20 countries? P

Proof Eyewear, the glass company was established in 2010 in United States, Iowa, was originally composed of three brothers who contributed $ 5000 to set up, the Office is a cluttered garage. Now, they have sold his glasses to more than 20 countries around the world, is Iowa's business model. Dame three brothers wanted to bring changes to the industry, so they have been working on various new materials of the production of sunglasses and reading glasses, and using these materials to their own company's products.

Sustainable materials in 2009, the three brothers had envisioned the establishment of a company to make wooden glasses. A year later, they formed the Proof Eyewear. At the time, Woody glasses are far from popular, when Woody glasses brand is less and less, and most of the design is not trendy enough. Dame for three brothers, wooden glasses seem to be inherited tradition – their grandfather had been in the Knab, Utah owned a sawmill. Tanner recalled, one of the three brothers, their growth and memory, and sawdust, and once they often help in the sawmill. Familiarization with wood, they started from the United States and Western Canada buy timber. Wooden glasses concept is innovative, but they do not want to limit your thinking: "there are too many raw materials can be used to make glasses, classic styles, we have no way to use wood to make. ”