What is acrylic?

Acrylic in Chinese means plexiglass. Because of the brightness of glass and the toughness of plastic, traditional glass and plastic crafts have been gradually replaced by acrylic.

Acrylic products have high light transmittance, low turbidity, lightness and toughness, good processing performance, rich colors, excellent electrical insulation, and excellent weather resistance can withstand high temperature, ultraviolet light, and strong sunlight Exposure, resistance to solvents and common chemicals. Acrylic is a kind of acryl alcohol in chemical composition, which is a substance refined by specially treated petroleum. The main colors are vermilion, black, milky white, lemon yellow, and apple green. Special colors can be ordered for processing.

The earliest application was abroad after all, and in recent years it has been applied to various traditional craft fields in China. Until 2002, it was gradually understood by a few people in the advertising industry, furniture industry, and the craft industry. "Acrylic" is a transliterated foreign word. The English name is ACRYLIC, which is a chemical material. The chemical name is "PMMA", which belongs to acryl alcohol, commonly known as "specially treated organic glass". In the application industry, its raw materials generally appear in the form of pellets, plates, pipes, etc.