What is plastic hangers?

Plastic hangers are mainly made of ABS plastic. The chemical name of ABS is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer.


The shapes of plastic hangers are mainly divided into two categories. One is a flat and long frame and a relatively narrow cross-section of the shoulder. The slope of the frame is small, and the shape is light and thin. It is more suitable for drying light clothes. The other is the opposite of the former, with a wider and shorter body. The two shoulder racks have a larger slope and a thicker width, and the shape is thick and solid, which is more suitable for hanging heavy clothes in the sky.

Raw materials and technology

Plastic hangers mainly use PP, PS, KR, ABS as the most common plastic hanger raw materials. Molding process: preparation, feeding, plasticizing, filling, holding pressure, backflow, cooling, and Demoulding before molding.