Cleaning And Maintenance

1, with ultrasonic cleaning, vibration mass removing dirt, general stores offer this service, which is basically free.

2 slots, wide-frame glasses frame lenses place dirty you can unscrew screws, take the lens off to clean with a paper towel.

3, if the screws have come loose, please get stores tighten, otherwise the lenses are easy to fall on the ground. Not disposable

4, chemical composition of cosmetic or plastic surgery, such as beauty products, easy to make frames are faded, please clean the glasses with special cloth or paper.

5, most of the glasses from the mirror on the left foot and gently folded, if hard to fold on the right, can lead to unbalanced, skewed the frame itself, after you wear uncomfortable.

6, in order to play glasses correct function, the optical center of the lens for your eyes, please put in the correct position.

7, with a single hand for wearing glasses, frames can be easily deformed. Frame variants should consult a local master glasses to adjust the angle, not self adjustment to avoid breaking lens, damaged frames.

8, not easy to reach place in the Sun for a long time, under frame in optical and thermal decomposition, easily fade. Especially sheet box, drives friends please do not put it in the car on the dashboard

9, wipe dry with a special cloth for glasses. Lens not to hit hard objects, do not wipe the lens with your fingers, wipe with a clean cloth, reducing lens wear.

10, the convexity of the lens do not face down. When not in use, as far as possible into the eye box, glass was not, please glasses wrapped in cloth, placed into the mirror box to avoid damage.

11, resting next to place your assessment of infants and young children.