Glasses Frames

Frames are important parts of glasses, mainly plays a role in support of glasses, looking glasses can also play the role of appearance. Materials include metals, plastics or resin, natural materials, etc. By style, it can be divided into frames, half frame, frame type.


A pair of glasses are usually composed of mirrors, nose pads, pile head-pin and other major parts, in addition to the above components, and foot covers, Stipules screws hinge screws.

1, mirror (framed): lens Assembly position, using a wire, screws and nylon, by virtue of a trench or bored to fixed lens, which affects the shape of lenses cut and glasses.

2, nose: connect left and right mirror ring or attached directly to the lens fixed, directly placed on the nose to nose, also by Stipules supported on the nose.

3, nose pads: including leaf stalk, Stipules boxes and Stipules, Stipules directly contact with the nose, plays a role of supporting and stabilizing the frame. Certain plastic frame moulding can be without stipules stems and Stipules box, Stipules, and connected to the mirror.

4, pile head: mirror ring and PIN junctions, are generally curved shape.

5, pin: hook over the ears, can be active, connected with head, play a fixed mirror.

6, hinge: connection of pile head and PIN joints.

7, the locking block: tighten the screws, locking blocks microscopic openings on both sides of the fastening, thereby fixing the lens effect.