Gold Plastic Cups: Integration With The International Stage Gorgeous

The good momentum of economic development in recent years. By means of strong booster of global economic integration, more and more enterprises in domestic market to overseas also, realize the transformation of both domestic and export. Gold plastic cup keep up with market trends, the first landing in the international market, with international advanced production line, Germany imported equipments, using CAs standards of testing instruments for global merchants to provide eco-sterile line of high-end products, which makes Gold plastic cups shine in competition in the international market.

Gold Lee plastic cup is a established Yu 2001 of high-tech technology enterprise, focused Yu one-time plastic food packaging container of development production, business cover products design, and production, and sales all link, products covers one-time water Cup, and convenient Bowl, and tasting Cup, and meters glass, and white milk Cup, and General Tea Cup, and high transparent Tea Cup,, meet has all field, and all occasions of application need. Gold plastic cup has a technical team of 30 people, deep secured in terms of product development and innovation, has made remarkable achievements. Gold plastic cup to set up quality control, pipe and quality assurance of the three sectors, the pursuit of product quality upgrading, innovative design and high quality capture market.