How To Choose High Quality Frames?

1, styles--pop

As consumer demand for personalized, eyewear fashion features gaining increasing attention. Choice of style and popular colors and fashion elements together. Also, reference the appropriate styles to what materials to buy frames will be targeted.

2, depth of color--see

Glasses flat on the front leg under the same light intensity of color depth there is no difference, sometimes because of errors in processing, will be left-right asymmetric leg color case.

3, technology--see details

Process is the quality assurance of frames, and frames of sophisticated technology is often in the details.

(1) metal frames around the welding point is to pay more attention to and see no cracks. Thermal change of the stress due to welding structure, or cold solder joint, material fatigue, making it prone to breaking when.

(2) whether two leg formation. Frames are flat on the desktop, see contact points have no vacant. If one side higher than the other is the case, requested that professionals, to adjust the leg, achieve the effect of left-right symmetrical balance.

(3) the stipule should pay attention to both sides of the frame are symmetrical, fixed is safe.

(4) on the metal frame, nail pull out, will the paint scratch. Frames for plastic sheet, observing its surface with and without plastic particles and coarse.

(5) closing leg, feel elastic. Generally the tighter the better view is wrong, argued that the lubrication of the screw enough, likely to cause leg injuries, taisong is not good, possibly due to screw is not tightened. Moderate tightness of the best.