How To Distinguish Between The Frames Of Sheet Metal Or Plastic

Plate frames

From raw material processing to suppress plate again after cutting polishing, and sheet metal frame high density, due to the complex sheet metal spectacle frame production and high production costs, so the price will be higher than the plastic frame number. Watch plates frames in the frame edge is no injection point, and there are obvious traces that were cut.

Plastic glasses (also known as injection molding)

Is first of all making good molds, then inject liquid plastic, plating paint again after cooling, plastic glasses-low density, so the brittle. Because of the plastic spectacle frame production process is simple, low cost, mass production, so style changes a lot, because it is a plated color, so many tricks, plate rack bright colors and colorful. Please note that the plastic frames are generally injection point, is in a small frame rim scars, and many, many plastics are lighter than plate frames.

So, plate frames due to the high density material, so hold it in hand is heavy, solid, feel better. Plastic frame because of its low density, so much lighter than plate frames.

Meanwhile, sheet metal legs inside the mirror, common coarse, and most of the plastic frame inside leg is not metal, a small plastic frame inside leg although there are metal, but are almost always very small and mainly round.