Purchase Method

A good pair of glasses should be stable, secure, reliable and harmless material for the skin, and light weight, strong and not deformed. For customers, often from the practical perspective of frames to buy.

According to the vision and purpose selected frames

Wear long

If the glasses for long wear, it may be appropriate to relax the other criteria and select a lighter shelf to reduce fatigue wears. If the glasses only in reading, watching television, focused on cases of eye wear, frames can be selected entirely according to individual needs.

Vision condition

High degree of myopia are advised not to use a box and no box frames, lens thickness thick with rimless frames are edged with not only beautiful but also easy to damage. Higher astigmatism unsuitable rimless frames, frameless frames match lens astigmatism can occur after prolonged use of axial displacement of the problem, resulting in distortion.

Specific needs

If the purpose of glasses is to a large extent in order to image paired with attending the occasion requires. Also, in the case of vision frame limit is not high, you can choose according to their specific needs. People who frequently engage in substantial physical activities and sports, should select box is more compact and plastic sheet material of the frame in order to reduce the probability of glass damaged by accidental fall impact. We also recommend exercise when wearing contact lenses.

And busy people who travel frequently to select the frames memory material, to avoid frames due to frequent pick, littering or deformation of damage, or on the train, airplane when broken due to improper placement, crushed.