Transparent Plastic-frame Glasses

This year, though the scorching heat of summer has not yet come, but a variety of transparent plastic-frame glasses have become popular. Take to the streets, you see wearing transparent plastic-frame glasses from time to time the cool hipster.

Before sunglasses, black plastic or metal materials, the whole gives the impression that thick. And now, transparent plastic sunglasses have been placed in a conspicuous position. Transparent sunglasses on the visual impression of light, colors and lively colorful, Visual sense of lightness, loved by the young people.

If young people's affection, can only be described as a trend, but if you look at the major brands showcase, feel this is a trend. This season, major brands coincidentally launched a transparent plastic-frame glasses. And each has its own title and features. D&G launched a green plastic transparent glasses, Mango introduced a fluorescent blue transparent plastic sunglasses, Balenciaga introduced polygons and transparent plastic sunglasses, Prada introduced Art Deco clear plastic sunglasses, Tru Trussardi launched a transparent plastic sunglasses gradient polygons, MaxMara introduced Orange transparent plastic sunglasses